Something new, and I think that it could be amazing.

Last night, as I hurried to take the kids for flu shots, get ready for band practice, and get dinner on the table, I posted a status on my personal Facebook page, and wrote a similar post for my local community’s parent group, Main Line Parent Community. You may recognize the “Main Line Parent” name, as I was fortunate enough to be featured in last Fall’s issue of their magazine. You can see that story here:

photo-8 “Everything is Not Okay”

The status was a PSA of sorts, from me to the world, imploring people to be mindful of mental health issues and encouraging them that they are not at all alone.

(You are not alone.)

My status looked a little something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.09.15 AM

I linked to the ABC News piece that I did in early 2014

where I shared my own story of perinatal distress (primarily postpartum depression).

I am humbled to write this next line, but, at the same time, bursting with gratitude:

My little, quickly written post was met with hundreds and hundreds (and hundreds) of likes and comments, every single one of which was positive, supportive and loving. Strangers thanked me.

Don’t they realize that they are the brave ones? I am so thankful for them.

Some women shared snippets of their own stories in comments, others applauded our group for raising awareness. Plans were made.

And so, an idea started to formulate in my head and I am happy to say that I am going to run with it;

this is something new, and I think that it could be amazing.

Everyone, I have learned, has a story to tell. I want this site to be a vehicle in which people (women, men, parents, friends, sufferers, advocates, allies, professionals…) can d0 just that.

And so, I am going to be creating an additional page on Mommy, Ever After, and on it, I will share the stories that are sent to me. Once a week or so I will gather some of these stories to share in one synthesized post, but the page will always be there. If this grows as big as I hope it will, we can even have this page broken up into categories. It is your turn to share, friends. Tell me your stories.

The one thing I ask is this: In creating a place to share I want to employ the same philosophy I do when I enter into a Partnership; I ask that the story you share can help to realistically enhance the lives of others in some way. This means opening up about a common experience, providing readers with some comic relief, offering a proverbial shoulder to lean on–the possibilities are endless. I have written about my ups, my downs, my hard, my hopeful, my hospitalization, my hurt and so much more, as I believe that each of these things can, perhaps, help another soul.

Now it is your turn.

In order to submit a story for publication on this site, email me at

I will not post a single world without first communicating back to you. If you are a reader of this site you will know that I do not use names, but rather nicknames, (Twin, J, etc.) and so I can post your story anonymously, with just your first name or using a pseudonym of your choice. Do not let the fear of exposure stop you. I promise. It is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself.

And so, #teamMEA, a new adventure awaits .

Let’s do this.

But before we do, let me correct what I said earlier: I know that this will be amazing.

Love, hugs, feathers, tutus and a Brett Dennen song,


Update: Together, Ever After can now be seen below! Love to you xx B

Based on the story from this most special post, I have decided to create a community group called Together, Ever After.

This is a place where you can help and be helped;

It is a page where mothers, fathers, family members, friends, caregivers, professionals and human beings can come to share with and find comfort from mothers, fathers, family members, friends, caregivers, professionals and human beings.

Each week I will be sharing posts that are shared with me, written for you, by fellow readers.

These posts will also be saved here, on Together, Ever After, so that it is a constant growing resource for all.

If you are interested in being a contributor, please email me at

Thank you. You are amazing.

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