Beyond the Baby Blues

Happy Birthday, Book!

Today is the day!

After years of writing,

months of teasing,

weeks of sharing photos and videos of reviews, copies and clips…

today, “Beyond the Baby Blues: Anxiety and Depression During and After Pregnancy” is out!

I am so overwhelmed by this — we wrote a book!

If you do get a chance to read Beyond the Baby Blues, make sure to check out the acknowledgements, as there is a special little shout out to you. Yes, you.

If you want to get your hands on this book — my own story (which, by the way, is not a compilation of blog posts and goes way deeper into the dark abyss of what really happened), combined with actionable advice, clinical research, case studies and other women’s stories — I can help you.

If you want to order from the publisher, because you are fancy and proper, like that, here you go!

If you are an Amazon Prime member, click here (it will be shipped to in hardcover soon OR you can get it dropped onto your Kindle, today!)

If you already have a full online cart at Target, you can add this on. You know you were going to overspend, anyway.

If you are a purist, and like to buy from good old Barnes & Noble, get your nook on.

It is also on a lot of other websites, and, it is in other languages (and being sold in other currencies, so watch out!)

Check your local library: I know that it has already been ordered by many across the country, but if you want to read it and your library doesn’t have a copy, as them to get one. I have a friend who did just that and, lo and behold, they had two! Ask your favorite local bookstore. If they do not carry it now, they sure can.

If you want to celebrate, officially, with me, in the Philadelphia area, join me on January 31 for a

“Happy Hour for Happiness”

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 1.00.38 PM

And watch out, because I might be coming to a city near you. Stay tuned for updates.

Here is the truth:

I am writing all of this in a straightforward, matter-of-fact way, but this is huge for me. This was my dream and I have had the chance to realize it, and in such a meaningful way. I am happy, as I hope it helps others. I am nervous, as  hope it doesn’t suck. I am so touched by the positive response so far. I fear the negative comments and I have been trying to grow a thicker skin in anticipation of this (despite all of the dry brushing I do).

No matter what, I am proud.

Because I have lived the happy. I have lived the hard. Now, I am living the hopeful. The hopeful combines both.

It has been a journey and not one that has been easy or that has gone in a straight line.

But it has all been worth it.

Happy Birthday, Beyond the Baby Blues.

Kenny made me a wife. Belle and Beau made me a mommy. You have made me a blogger.

And, now, this has made me an author.

With so much love, tons of feathers and a little sparkle–



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