Februaries Past

Tonight, the snow is falling steadily. I have not changed out of my sweats all day; A ratty old hoody from a ratty old boyfriend that says “University of Southern California” and ankle length pants from Gap Kids.

I have experienced a range of emotions today

(highlights included:

  Paul and Gary finishing their painting work in our basement. You should see the color I chose for our bathroom (It’s my boldest ever!!!!!);

my dad delivering his homemade banana bread fresh out of the oven right in time for an afternoon snack;

finding out about and exploring the world of What’s Up Moms, because honestly, where have they been all my life and why am I not one of them?;

texting with my dad and my sister so that I could introduce my dad to a song I knew that he would love and, in the thread, proclaiming my love for and crush on Mark Ronson, only to have my sister reply with, “I sat next to him at a seder a few years ago. He was reallllly nice.”;

family time.)

and am now enjoying the quiet sound of empty streets.

And I got to thinking back to Februaries past. It seems to me that they have all been significant, at least since I met K, and so I wanted to stroll down Februmemory Lane. So if you are snowed in tonight and have no more Vanderpump Rules episodes to catch up on or, unlike me, you don’t feel like listening to Serial for the third time (which, I will tell you, is a mistake, because, man, it gets better every time) then here are some of my old, snowy footprints for you to sink your feet into.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay present, and enjoy my past.

Februaries Past:

This week in 2011

This week in 2012 and This, the very same week in 2012 (both illustrating that some things never change.)

The sole post from February 2013

This week in February 2014

February 2014 is when I came out of hiding, publishing My hard story. And the rest, as you know, is today.

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