If you’ve been here since the beginning,

you may remember the day when we got this tutu.
And on that day, a day that is now so long ago, I never could have imagined that just over a year later,
that tutu would cause my daughter to lay on the ground, kicking her legs, in a screaming, wailing, red-faced, breath-holding tantrum.
Because although she demanded I put it on her,
as her new house frock of sorts,
it was literally too tight for me to pull up over her body, so I tried to take it off.
And she wasn’t having it.
Tuuuuuuu (sob, sob, sob) Tuuuuuuu (sob, choke) ONNNNNNNNNNN!
And so, the tears have stopped, this little pink leotard is halfway up her torso, stuck in place,
and my surprise tutu is still surprising me, even now.
Imagine that.


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