Ash Wednesday

I wasn’t going to write anything today; I am so exhausted that it I find it exhausting to type the word “exhausted”.

I have been fighting some major fatigue for the past two weeks and today was just a long day.

By 4pm, I had face planted onto the bed in the guest room, as the kids snuggled and played around me.

I snapped an iPhone selfie so that I could publish it with the words “I am too tired to write. I love you.”


And then I decided to look for a quote about Wednesdays to fill in the blanks, as I am truly unable to come up with anything worth reading, and it hit me! One of my greatest Wednesday stories of all time:

It was Springtime, during my Freshman year of college. I remember leaving a computer lab on campus and I am sad that I cannot remember it’s name now (maybe it was the West lab? Not the underground lab by the library, but a big, two story lab, kind of in the center of campus? You had to walk in to a freestanding building and walk up and it was a huge open room with computers?) and seeing a girl with what looked like some smeared charcoal on her face. I silently wondered if I should tell her, but kept quiet. And then I saw several more kids, all coming from her direction, with similar smudges. “They must have been doing some kind of art project in a studio class,” I figured. I met up with my boyfriend and pointed out this group of people with grey-smeared faces.

And that is how this Jewish girl from Philadelphia found about about Ash Wednesday.

And goodnight.

(p.s. I have now looked up computer labs on campus maps and I am really frustrated with myself; If you can help me to figure out which computer lab I am thinking of, I will buy you a Creamery cappuccino.)

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