Your Grand Tour.

The time has finally come for your official Grand Tour of our new home here at Mommy, Ever After.

I will say that some additional features are being added this week, so I will update you when they are available (including the ability to be a subscriber again and get emails sent directly to you whenever a post is published and also a feed that shows you my recent Instagram @mommyeverafter).

But that’s like saying, “We are replacing the backspplash in the kitchen.”

The main house is ready to be toured.

So let me just remind you (or show you) what Mommy, Ever After used to look like:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.15.16 AM

And now, thanks to the incredible team at Brand Revive, it now looks this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.06.07 AM

I love the new site; How it is so simple but holds so much.

But, I want to make sure that you know how much there actually is to access. We have many different pages, from our top bar of professional pages to the “Story” sections that each are filled with categories. So here, let me show you. But first, let me preface this by saying that the tour I am giving to you is for the full desktop version of the site. If you have yet to check it out, I implore you to, as it is where Brand Revive’s work really shines. I am so fortunate that they were able to build awesome sites for your mobile devices, as well, but there is nothing like seeing the whole thing on your big computer screen. Trust me.

Okay, so the first thing I want to show you is how to access all of the parts of all of the stories. “A Happy Story” is everything that I had previously written on the old WordPress site leading up until February of 2013. It deals with my courtship and relationship with my husband, being pregnant, the birth of my daughter, adjusting to life as a new parent, the enchantment and the craziness. If you hover over “A Happy Story” you will see this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.06.36 AM

 The next is “A Hard Story”. This section deals with my toughest points from 2013 and 2014. It is the story of my Postpartum Depression and all of the things associated with that dark time. There are no categories under “A Hard Story” because although there are many posts under that section, it is all just one, hard story.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.06.46 AMThe last story, which is my favorite, for obvious reasons is “A Hopeful Story”. It chronicles my journey out of the darkness to where I am today. In this section I write about my family, friends and, most importantly, finding myself.

Above the story section, you can find some other important information that I do not want you to miss.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.07.11 AMUnder “About Me” you will find my bio, from my personal life to my academic credentials.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.07.36 AMUnder “Partnerships and Purpose” you can see my mission statement,  as well as specific ways that people and businesses can partner with Mommy, Ever After. My post about Rodan + Fields on Monday was what I call “A Sponsored Post”, and they also have ads on my site (I will get to that later). What I aim to make very clear in this page is that I truly will only partner with good people and companies. I would never compromise the integrity of my site nor the happiness of my readers.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.08.05 AMThe “Press” page is pretty straightforward; it highlights the places where Mommy, Ever After has been featured, from TV to print to online articles and collaborations.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.08.31 AMFinally, there is our contact page, which has proven very helpful (for example, this is where I have been asked to please bring back the option to subscribe to the site.)

Speaking of Contact,

Let me introduce my professional team:

photo 1From top to bottom:

My business Manager is Erin Carlson

My Public Relations Manager is Kimberly Ettinger

My Literary Agent is Renee C. Fountain.

Finally, if you are looking from your desktop, down the side of the site are (big!) ads for companies in which I really believe (if you are looking from a phone, these ads will appear if you scroll down to the very bottom.) It is here that I feature a dynamic skincare company, an innovative beauty tool, a fabulous shoe store, an incredible acupuncturist for women, an inventive kick-starter-turned-business accessory and a beautiful family photographer. Click on any of these links to take you to their own personal sites.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

I am (we are) fortunate enough that I have some really incredible partners lined up for the future; people whom I believe can truly change your life.

And there you have it. The visual tour of my new baby, which has given me incredible happiness and pride. We all know that it is what is inside all of these categories and pages that is important, but at least now you know your way.

So take off your coat and shoes, make yourself comfortable, and stay awhile.

I love having you here.

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