Bravo, Break-Ups and ripping off the Band-Aid,

Whenever my friends are going through break-ups, I always give them the same advice: “Don’t let there be a gray area. That is when it gets most complicated and leads to the most pain, ultimately. Just rip off the band-aid and cut it off. It will hurt more now, but I promise it will make things easier.”


guess who didn’t take her own advice?

This morning, I got weak, and pulled a Kristin on Season Two of Vanderpump Rules when they all go to Cabo for Stassi’s birthday and she shames herself with Sandoval;

Which, in real human speak is, I fell back into things with an ex.

My intentions were noble. It’s New Year’s Eve. I want to get as many nutrients and as much bulk into my body as possible before tonight.

But, evidently, I am a glutton for punishment.

photo (1)

This time our relationship never even got off the ground.

So from now on I am taking my own advice and sticking to it:

No more gray areas. Or, in my case,


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