Two years after two lines.

Would you like to hear something funny?

This morning, my husband had brunch with the members of his “eating club”, as a farewell to the current Four Seasons breakfast before the hotel changes it’s location. He, my dad, my brousins, my dad’s best friend since high school and his sons have formed “The E-Street Supper Club” and do Four Seasons brunches, a yearly trip to Peter Luger’s in New York and steak feasts at the Capital Grille. It’s a very special ritual with a group of very special men.

Well, today we are two days shy of it being exactly two years since the cold winter morning when my husband went to the Four Seasons brunch with his guys, leaving me alone to secretly take a pregnancy test.

When he walked in the door from brunch that day, my daughter handed him a gift box and inside of it was a test with two clear lines. Just like that, we were going to have another baby. I will never forget that moment or that day. My husband and I were both shocked and excited and I swear that my belly popped out by that evening.

This morning, as you can imagine, I was a bit nostalgic; wistful; as I won’t ever get a chance to live that scene, or anything like it, ever again.


I had something even better.

I was sitting on the Living Room couch, snuggling with both kids, when my son spotted my husband’s face through the glass window in our front door.

“Dada!” he squealed with excitement,

and he took off running.

So yes, things have changed, and the past will not be repeated, but oh my, the present,

it is so special, and for these moments I am so blessed.

Instead of two lines, I have two amazing children.

A pee stick ain’t got nothing on this.


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