Something Funny

Here’s a joke for you:

“Why is a computer so smart?

It listens to its Motherboard!”


OK, so I am notorious for being terrible at telling jokes. Don’t get me wrong; I think that I am FUNNY AF.

I just can’t seem to do the whole “What is the definition of a sweater?” thing. See? Even that made no sense.

(Just wait for it…k?)

In any case, I have some big posts coming. I have been teasing them on Instagram and I really look forward to sharing.

But, while I keep you in suspense, I thought that I would post something totally different. Something funny.

I recently saw a post on my Facebook page in which a woman asked for some funny mom-related advice or anecdotes that she could share with a new mom in her life who could use a bit of healing-via-humor. I read through so many of the comments (my favorite was someone’s advice to tell a new mom to “clean while the baby is cleaning!”) and thought about how we can all get so lost in the long days of parenthood, and that the funny times, while so wonderful in the moment, can often be forgotten. When you are dealing with really hard stuff, Varsity Mom stuff, it is hard to find something funny in the chaos/mess/fear/doubt/guilt/confusion.

I have decided to go through the MEA archives here and pull out some of the old blog posts that I think are funny, for one reason or another. Kid antics, my neuroses, “This would only happen to me” stories, and anything else that, at one point, gave me a smile, and can still make me laugh, today.

This carefully curated collection of Mommy, Ever After posts is just for you, dating all the way back to 2010, just in case you are in need of a smile today. Or, at the very least, a break from real life and a quick dose of something funny.

I now present to you:

Five Funny Things


The Greatest Call to the Pediatrician Ever. In History. I Promise.


My Kid is Funny


My Kid is Funny, continued.


I Do Not Know How to Toilet Train My Son


I DO Know How to Toilet Train My Son


The Day That I Got Poop On My Face




She Gets Her Weirdness From Me


If you still need a chuckle, just use the huge search bar right above this post and type in random words like “zebra” or “laughter” or “Kardashian”. There is a lot. I hope that you can at least find something funny.


So. “What is the definition of a sweater?”

“The thing you wear when your mom says that she is cold.”

(laughing til I cry emoji)

Now THAT is something so true.

And, something funny.

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